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Nut And Honey Bell 60g

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  • Offer your bird a blend of deliciousness and health with this Johnson's Nut and Honey Bell. This bird treat comes in a stylish, traditional bell shape, making it look attractive and distinctive. The Johnsons treat for birds comprises of seeds that provide an adequate amount of nutrients to give your bird the energy it needs for regular activities. The nuts also fulfil the healthy calorie requirement in the bird's body.
  • The nutritious bird treat is also composed of an edible binder that gives the treat good texture and moistness, making it easy to consume. Moreover, they also add some amount of flavour to the food that makes it a delight to eat. This cockatiels treat comes with a handy cage clip affixed, providing you with a convenient way to hook it with your cockatiel's enclosure. This makes the treat stick close to the bird every time, serving it a ready-to-eat meal whenever required.
  • These healthy bird treat bells are packaged using a different wrap for each one. Individual wrapping keeps each bell fresh and in an appropriate shape. These bells also include an adequate number of cereals that are considered a substantial source of protein and vitamins. They also help in the proper functioning of your bird's body and improve digestion. Apart from important vitamins and minerals, these parrot treats also have honey that soothes your bird's taste buds. They also consist of natural seeds that do not cause any side effect to your bird. These healthy bells are also suitable for parrots, cockatiels and other similar caged birds.
  • Product Dimensions: 6 cm (D) x 6 cm (W) x 8 cm (H)

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